The Princess Annelyse  LbNA # 17584

Placed DateJul 26 2005
LocationEstacada, OR
Found By twinkle
Last Found Jan 12 2013
Hike Distance?

While camping in the Milo McIver State Park, the Princess Annelyse was walking her little dog. She stopped at the information area for the off-leash dog area and decided to try her little dog off-leash. As soon as she let the little pup go, it took off in a flash and would not obey any commands. It headed 88 people steps toward a large tree at 74 degrees, and then sniffing the smells along the way found a dirt path at 120 steps at 10 degrees. The Princess finally found her little pup, but if you wish to find an image of her pup you must count and record the number of vertical fence posts, horizontal fence parts in front of the Off-leash info area, and the number of large and small vertical pieces in the sign holder that looks like a gate. Don’t forget to count the horizontal crossbeams as well.
See those concrete retaining bricks that extend along the length of the fence and around the watering station that have a rounded edge? Count those too.

Now along the trail you will find a people corral on your left, and of course count all of the verticals and horizontal pieces excluding the steps. There are tie-ups for ponies on your right add their number to your count. Continue down the trail and when you have a choice you should get away from those horses and stay with the hikers.
After making the correct turn you will quickly observe a big tree on the right with at least 6 main trunks, then just a bit further on the right is a tight grove of 6 trees and then on the left is a big tall tree with 3 trunks whose limbs jut out at crazy angles as if signaling you.

When you come to an absolute stop gate for horses take the number of steps that you have compiled down the trail and look left about 2 ft high in a hole covered with bark and tree duff. Here is one hint: at 133 steps down the trail from the horse stop gate there will be a decaying stump on your right just off trail.

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