The Asgard Series  LbNA # 17622 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerNautilus and Culex    
Placed DateAug 7 2005
LocationYork, ME
Found By CT TrAAveler
Last Found Aug 27 2007
Hike Distance?

NOTE: As of 6/09 box 1 is missing and due to some logging the clues are difficult to follow to box 4 at this time. We may add to and revise the series sometime this summer (or not). In the meantime hunter be warned.

TERRAIN: Easy to moderate. Some ups and downs with rocky and uneven spots. There are also some good muddy areas. Sturdy footwear is strongly recommended. It would be a great path for mountain biking.

LENGTH: This hike is close to 4 miles in length so plan on it taking a while and be sure to bring water and snacks.

BACKGROUND: This series is based on characters or items from Norse mythology. Asgard is the resting place for the Norse Gods so we thought it was an appropriate name for this series. In the beginning of each logbook is a bit more about that particular piece of mythology.

DIRECTIONS: These boxes are located on property managed by the Kittery Water District. Access to the trails is off of Route 91 via Kingsbury Lane. Park across from the Wild Iris Herb Farm in the public lot.

CLUE: At a time when the world was younger, the Elder Gods left four containers in the wild lands to be found by those adventurous enough to seek them. In the lands of York, held by the Water Lords of Kittery, where Boulter rests among boulders are they rumored to be. The first lies not far from the paths of Men, the path that begins where the Wild Iris is known for healing herbs. Through the orange gate and the long hike begins. Indeed the right way is the right way, as you pass down hill and through steel and over water, fen on thy left hand and lake on thy right. Stones guide your feet on your left side and lead you under post and lintel, seek the dark corner, behind the man-made stones in the base of this house carved from the bones of the earth. There lies the first, the Midgard Serpent, nestled in the dark.
The second, Fenris the Wolf, is brother to the Serpent and the two lay near one another. Your steps will lead you from the serpent, following the trail down a hill. Upon your left, you'll be coming up on a swamp where skeletons of red maple claw the air. Spy upon your right a rock face 27 steps into the woods. Heroes indeed would walk up and around, searching for the beast nestled behind a rock at the back of the cleft. Be sure to replace the stone again to seal this creature back in its confines.
Now gird thyselves for the long march (translation: it is quite a distance between boxes 2 and 3). For the path you walk will take you over a small stone bridge and past two right hand paths. Seek the stone foundation on your left at the first Y in the trail, here follow the right arm. Stay to the right at both the second and third Y. A small traverse over the bare rock will lead you to another intersection. Right way again! Keep going to where the Clan Leavitt lies in eternal slumber. South of their plot, stands a large pine. On the eastern side, nestled among the rocks sleeps the guardian god Tyr. He will be most pleased if mortals would replace the stone to his resting place.
After seeing to Tyr, seek the grassy lane on the right and follow among the sugar maples to another gate of steel. Tread now on this leg of thy journey, down a forested lane. Past a pile of hewn logs on the left and through the lower areas of fens and brook you will travel. Past an area of granite outcroppings, take a left turn. At the bend, under a hemlock on the right side of the path, lies the last of the four, the hammer of thunderbolts, Mjolner. The Thunder God placed this box under a rock at the base of the tree.
From here, continue on this path to return to your world. Walk over a stream and through a stone wall. Before long you will encounter a junction with a larger path. Turn left and soon tread over a familiar stone bridge then up a hill past familiar rock face. This path will lead you back to the starting point of your journey.

NOTE: The first leg of this path is bordered by private property indicated by No Trespassing Signs. Please respect this and stay on the path.

(Fenris the Wolf and Mjolner carved by Culex; Tyr and Midgard Serpent carved by Nautilus)