Fernhill Waterfowl  LbNA # 1765 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 2 2001
LocationForest Grove, OR
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

NOTE: Missing 7.16.11

Besides being a sewage treatment facility, Fernhill Wetlands main claim to fame is its reputation as a birdwatching bonanza. There are always resident birds of prey, ducks, songbirds and herons. In the wintertime the population swells and the ponds teem with migratory waterfowl. This box was hidden with the help of Windairen.

to the trailhead: From the stoplight at the intersection of Highway 8 and Maple in Forest Grove, go south on Maple. Maple will change names to Fernhill Rd. and the Fernhill Wetlands parking area will be on your left marked with a brown sign. Be sure to look at the map on the information kiosk.

to the Fernhill Raptor Box: (missing 8/07) Take the low road to a dabbler’s retreat. Don’t forget to duck, ‘though quacking is optional. Look to your right, up and inside some arboreal detritus. Stumped yet?

to the Fernhill Waterfowl Box: (replaced 11/07) Go clockwise around Fernhill Lake. Keep on the trail past Barbara and Clyde until you reach a four-legged resident. Look beneath its belly under its northernmost foot.

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