Makoshika Meadow  LbNA # 17694

Placed DateSep 19 2004
LocationGlendive, MT
Last Found Aug 28 2009
Hike Distance?

Makoshika ["the bad lands"] State Park is located just outside Glendive, Montana and is the state's largest park. Take the park road (there is a fee box) past the visitor's center. Follow the road past signs for "steep grade" and climb the canyon ridge to a small parking area marked "Overlook Parking". Sign to your left will say R.W. 'Doc' Hiatt Overlook.

The footpath from the parking area angles due north. From the first birdhouse on the left, walk ten paces, then cut to your right (north again) to the second birdhouse.

Sight 160 degrees to a round concrete abutment and walk to it. With your back to this object, look at the several evergreen trees near you. The box is located behind the rightmost tree, covered with needles and marked with a rock.

Take time to enjoy the view of this unique landscape!