Pelle Crossing  LbNA # 17707

Placed DateAug 27 2005
LocationHygiene, CO
Found By The Woodshed
Last Found Jun 30 2013
Hike Distance?

It is with sadness that I have to declare this box probably missing due to the Flood of '13. Pelle Crossing lakes are totally gutted - and it will be probably be years before it is all restored. I refuse to give up until I have actually gained access to the property and checked the site. Then I will retire or update this box. December 2014


Finally updated, new book in box (sorry it's not pretty) and directions revised.

Easy and flat walking. Either about .5 mile or 2 miles, depending on you.

I hope you enjoy your journey to this letterbox - not many people are familiar with this area of Boulder County.
Small town lore and wildlife viewing at it’s best. Not much tree cover, some mosquitoes possible. Dog and fisherman friendly.

You’ll start at Country Store located in the town of Hygiene, Colorado.

From Boulder: Take 36 north to Hygiene Road (next road past St. Vrain) - turn left when it ends on North 75th. The Country Store is to your left at the 4-way stop.

From Longmont: turn west from North Main onto 17th St, which turns into Hygiene Road at the west end of Longmont. Go to the Hygiene 4-way stop, The Country Store is directly in front of you.

From Loveland: Take 287 to 66 and turn west. At the North 75th stoplight, turn left. Go to the 4-way stop, The Country Store is to your right.

Turn your car in the parking lot so you are so you are facing the intersection. This is the town of Hygiene, Colorado. The town’s unusual name derives from the tuberculosis (TB) sanitarium. The church was actually part of the sanitarium and is still standing in the town, with a date of 18?? carved in stone above the door. If you came from Longmont, you passed the old church nestled in one half of it’s graveyard to the north, before you arrived at the town proper.

Turn right (south) on 75th and pass over the railroad track. After 3/10 of a mile turn left at the sign that says Pelle Crossing.

When you park, go to the covered information area and peruse the lay of the land.

After reading the board, turn 180 degrees and walk to the end of that walkway, then bear tto the left. You are now walking between Webster Lake, and the Zweck/Turner Ditch

Go over the ditch bridge and continue east. Check Heron Lake to your left for heron, and other waterfowl, watch for the ripples of muskrats and the occasional bellyboat. Look to your right for the tall pole in the field with batboxes at the top.

At the end of the lake the path turns to the left. Take a moment to stand under the spreading branches of the grand cottonwood to appreciate its age and complexity. Notice above your head, to the left, the nifty little hole - wonder who lives there? Follow the direction that the holed branch is pointing, to the rusty electrical boxes.

Being very careful not to be seen, go down behind the boxes, and head toward the meeting of barbed-wire fences. Notice the 45 degree wood post that goes to the ground. The box is tucked between wood and earth. Please re-hide well

Keep walking and enjoy the wildlife, or return the way you came.