She Sells Seashells  LbNA # 17723 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 14 2005
LocationCorolla, NC
Found By The superfriels
Last Found Aug 2 2013
Hike Distance?

She Sells Seashells Down By The Seashore

Drive North on NC-12 heading towards Corolla. Find the shopping complex Timbuck II (on the left) and park in lot near the playground. Head across Route 12 towards Buck Island.

From Timbuck II,
across the street-
to the isle of Buck
is where to meet!

Now over the bridge
and past the guard
it's a little way farther
the walk isn't hard.

Keep walking onward,
heading towards the shore,
there is plenty to see here,
but you've come for something more!

Now past the ponds.
Did you bring any bread?
For here is where
turtles like to be fed.

They beg for food
as they swim toward the banks.
Throw them a piece or two
I am sure they'll say thanks.

Look for toads in the grass
if you visit at night
there are frogs there too
if you carry a light!

You're half way there
it's only a little bit more.
Have you passed three ponds?
Or maybe it was four?

If you see a turquois restroom
you're closer than you think.
Its colors are rather bold
you won't miss it- even if you blink!

Behind the loo
is a path made of wood,
take it- it leads towards the beach
the view is quite good.

With houses on left
and houses on right,
the letterbox is in view
just a step out of sight.

Now on towards the benches,
see the sandy dune?
you will be at the destination
it happens rather soon.

After the first set of benches
under the second rise
this treasure is hidden
its really a surprise

On the left side of the step
this box is concealed
and once you open it
its treasure is revealed!!!

Be careful stamping in-- this is a high traffic area. Also there is signage that states- "no trespassing". I have never encountered a problem or have had anyone email me that they have had a problem. I have gone there several years and have NEVER seen anyone in the guard house either. Please be discrete! Thank you! Let me know if you find the box and its condition at