Waywayanda swamp  LbNA # 17761

Placed DateAug 30 2005
LocationHewitt, NJ
Planted Byladybird99    
Found By the cross-tie walker
Last Found Apr 17 2014
Hike Distance?

About the State Park
From May 31 – Labor Day, expect to pay $10 on weekends to enter the park. This fee may vary year to year and is cheaper during the week. A quick thing to note is that there is hunting in the park in late Fall and early winter, except for Sunday’s when it is not allowed.

Parking: After entering the park look for signs for the campground area. Turn left at that sign and park immediately to the left – do not continue to the campground as those areas are reserved for campers. Start the hike here following the road to the campground. To your left will be part of a swamp. On the right just about 100 paces after passing tall swamp grasses you might see horsetail, a native plant to the area. These stick-like green plants were valued by the American Indian. After about ten minutes just as you leave the swamp, you may notice remnants of the foundations of buildings on your left. Crossing a wooden bridge you will soon see an old iron forge furnace on your right.

Just after the furnace the path splits into 4 directions. Take the left most path toward the campgrounds. Once over the bridge, the path splits (into a circle). Take the left path to campsite 1. Head SE from the post to a gate across the path. This path leads to the Double pond trail. (Green trail markers)

Take this path. After about 10 minutes you will reach the bridge passing over the swamp. Take a moment to scan the water and perhaps you might see the salamanders or small fish residing there. Keep an eye out for mountain bikers who regularly use this path. Continue on this trail until the Red trail comes in from the right. Take the red trail. Look for the second red trail marker (about 140 paces after the start of the trail) on a tree on the right side. A stone about 3 feet across lies at its base.

With your back to the tree, face SE. Following a 140 degree heading, take about 28 paces to a tree that is just beyond a rhodendron bush. From behind the tree go 9 paces on a 200 degree heading. Under a small pile of stones next to a big rock is what you seek. Please return the box when finished to its original location and on its end so that the box can easily be retrieved by the next person. Thanks- Happy hunting.