Skybrid Cache  LbNA # 17768

Placed DateAug 29 2005
LocationMadison, WI
Found By Kay
Last Found May 13 2012
Hike Distance?

This hybrid can be found in Skyview Park in Madison, WI. This park is located on Skyline Dr.

This letterbox is a Geocache/Letterbox hybrid. The letterbox container is an ammo can, inside you will find many geocache trade items, please do not take these items unless you are also a geocacher. Check out geocaching at

Once you locate this little park, head back into the park from the Skyview Park sign toward the small playground almost visible from the road. Just behind the playground you will see a path that leads back into a small prarie.

Take the small path and stay on the left trail into the prarie, skirting along the forest. Look for an enormous (you'll know it when you spot it) tree just into the woods. This tree is also taller than all the others and can be very easily located by looking to the forest from the center of the prarie area.

Once you've located the large tree stand near it's trunk and face the concrete wall with the rocks next to it. Look to the left edge of this concrete wall and walk past the wall and just up the hill a little ways. Near a large rock (and hopefully under some sticks) you will find an ammo can containing a logbook and stamp. Good Luck!

Once you find the park this should be an easy find.