Burnie T. Frog  LbNA # 1777 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 29 2002
LocationBethesda, MD
Found By Rich
Last Found Jun 3 2003
Hike Distance?

PULLED 9/3/03
A tree fell blocking the path to the letterbox. We have pulled the box for now. We will replace it and post new clues as soon as possible. D and Shoo

Burning Tree Park, Bethesda, MD
Difficulty: easy

Burning Tree Park is adjacent to Burning Tree School. For students' security, please try to avoid coming to this letterbox during lunch/recess (12-1:30 pm) on school days. (You'll also find it easier to park on non-school days.) Thanks!

You can get this letterbox on the way to or from Lily of the Valley.

Directions: From the Capital Beltway (Interstate 495), take River Road (Exit 39) east. Turn left on Beech Tree Road. Turn left into Burning Tree School. (Access is restricted during drop-off/pick-up hours. Park on the street during those times.) The park is to the right of the school.

From the parking lot, go around or across the field to the far baseball diamond. Behind home plate you will find a trail. We originally planned to plant the letterbox down this trail, but it is all blocked with fallen trees. So, after about 15 steps, turn to your left and go to the fence. Follow the fence to your left to a 3-4 foot high tree stump. Take a bearing of 120 degrees. You will see another tree stump about 15 steps as the crow flies (you'll have to dodge some tree branches). Burnie T. Frog, the Burning Tree School mascot, is waiting in the stump to say hi!

Note: when we first planted this box the woods were very dense and overgrown on both sides of the fence. Since then, the school behind the fence has embarked on a building program and pretty much clear-cut all the trees over there. This never was much of a scenic hike, and now it is even less so, but we really like the stamp, so we're leaving it there!

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