Les Paul  LbNA # 17836

OwnerSophie & Me    
Placed DateSep 3 2005
LocationWaukesha, WI
Found By Rosebud5
Last Found Jul 28 2016
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Last EditedDec 13 2015


Last checked and found in place 10/9/06

Les Paul Letterbox

The Background Info:
Rock On! This letterbox is in honor of Les Paul, the creator of the solid-body electric guitar. Les was born in Waukesha in 1915. At the age of nine, he taught himself to play guitar, and at the age of thirteen he began to play professionally. In the 1940's he approached the Gibson Guitar Company with a homemade electric guitar he nicknamed “The Log.” The Gibson company liked his idea and began to market the guitar to the public. The music world would never be the same! You can now hear Les Paul’s influence and famous instrument in almost every genre of popular music. The people of Waukesha are so proud of their association with Les Paul, that they named a major road in his honor, the “Les Paul Parkway,” which covers the section of Highway 164 that passes through Waukesha! Now, on with the letterbox!

***The City of Waukesha is notoriously difficult to navigate through! Names of streets seem to change with no warning and traffic can change directions from two way to one way for no apparent reason! This is not a very long letterbox search and does not have any vigorous hiking involved, however the challenge is simply getting through the downtown area without getting too mixed up! Pay close attention to the street signs and my directions! I promise the charming galleries, shops, coffee houses and interesting architecture you will encounter on the way will make this search worthwhile!***

The Search:
This search will take you on a brief walking tour through historic downtown Waukesha. Begin by parking your car in front of the Waukesha Historical Society Museum building, located at 101 W. Main Street.

(This museum is open to the public Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10-4:30. It has a lot of interesting exhibits and a gift shop were you can buy brochures that will tell you more in-depth information about some of the buildings you will be walking by on your way to finding the box.)

When facing the front of the museum, East Avenue will be on your left. Walk up to East Avenue and turn to the right. Now you should be heading south. You will pass some churches and older homes as you walk up the block. Cross over South Street and walk one more block until you are at the intersection of East and W. Broadway. Turn to the right and walk about a half of a block until W. Broadway veers to the right. Follow the right turn on W. Broadway and walk to the end of the block.

When you come to the end of the block, you will be at a three-way intersection of W. Broadway, Barstow, and South. Kitty-corner from where you are standing, you will see an enclosed fountain in a park. Go to that park. Now you can chose to rest for a while in the park, or you can continue on along the sidewalk heading west. When you come to Gaspar Street you will see the Rotunda Building. (If it is open, please take a detour and take a look inside this beautiful building!) A few steps more, and you will see W. Broadway, yet again! (Boy, this street gets around!) Take a left and head down W. Broadway until you hit Grand Avenue. At Grand, take a left and head south.

When you get to the intersection of Grand and Wisconsin, take a right and head west on Wisconsin. Across the street is Cutler Park. Do you see the Indian Burial Mounds? (Go ahead and take another detour to have a closer look at this park, or continue onward).

When you come to the intersection of Wisconsin and Clinton, turn right and head north on Clinton for about three blocks. After about three blocks, you should see a clock tower on your left and Mathison Plaza on your right.

We are now going to take a brief detour down the plaza and back, just because it’s kind of pretty. Take the lower walkway on the right. Pass under one bridge and follow the path as it takes you up again. Cross over the Bryant Bridge, and turn left to head back down the plaza. You will pass the famous Spring House on the way.

Once you are by the Spring House, you can either rest a while or cross the street or continue on with the search.

To continue on, cross the street so that you are on the sidewalk next to the bank. Turn so that you are heading west. Walk to the corner, cross over W. Broadway and go to the clock tower.

Once you are at the tower, continue west along the brick path until you come to a bridge. Cross over the bridge and then look to your left. See the street lamps? Walk to the second one. When you get to the second street lamp, count 18 steps. In the brush on your left, you will see a big tree. Les Paul is hiding on the right side of the base of this tree under a rock. (Be discreet! This area is well traveled and may not be very well concealed during the early spring, winter and late fall!) Stamp up and re-hide carefully!

Now go back to the trail and head west some more. You will come to another bridge. Cross it and continue on the brick path heading south, until you come to a street. This is Main Street. You will head east on Main until you come back to the Historical Museum, (about 3 blocks). Take time to poke around the shops and reward yourself with some gelato on your way home!

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of our hometown! Please give me updates on the search and the condition of the box!

-Sophie & Me