BBANT 1-5  LbNA # 17840

Placed DateSep 1 2005
LocationLolo, MT
Found By PenGwen
Last Found Jun 22 2006
Hike Distance?

The boxes seem to be getting stolen. The one at the Natural History Center has been taken, but you can go inside for the guide.
You must find the Montana History Guide letterbox and get the guide before you can find these five boxes. Bring your binoculars on this expedition.

The first box is found a site 1:
Using the first sentence on the backcover, assign each letter a number starting with one and going sequentially until the period. (1-97) Use this sentence for decoding purposes when necessary. Thus letterbox would be written 4-11-22-38-41-43-26-14-x.

The first letterbox is found at site 1: 6/07 Still There!
Use the codebreaker sentence to unscramble this roadside sign title: 46-11-W-3-51, 1-21-29, 12-4-1-28-K, 2-1-12-K-11-40, 19-53-54-29-69-W-51. It is located approximately one mile from the visitors' center. Go 94 paces to the West behind the sign. Look to your right and locate the bird house. Walk 64 paces to the birdhouse. Directly West at 66 paces is a neck high stump in the trees. The BBANT 1 letterbox is in this stump.

The second letterbox is found at site 2: Missing
Go 1/10 mile past the Gate. There is a car pull out on the right side with a large ponderosa pine tree near it. There is an outcropping of rocks beside the creek. BBANT 2 letterbox is located under the nose-shaped rock facing the creek.

The third letterbox is found at site 3: Missing
Use the code breaker: 32-20, 38-5, 6-17-11, 2-3-12-21-27-49, 93-71-79-83. 32-20, 38-5, 16-17-18, 5-39-38-17-69-70-73-79. 4-5-9-K, 39-31-29-41-40, 51-52-70-74-7.

The fourth letterbox is found at site 4: 6/07 Still There!
Go 144 paces from the parking lot, on the trail, towards the river. Turn left near the riverand continue on the trail for 123 paces. 6 paces off the trail to the east is a dead Ponderosa pine tree with numerous large holes in it. The BBANT 4 letterbox is hidden on the back side of the tree in a hole covered with a rock.

The fifth and final letterbox is found at site 5:
Take the trail to leaf three. 98 paces to the East of leaf 3 is a small depression running through the trail. There is a cottonwood which is forked low to the ground at approximately 32 paces to the south of the trail. BBANT 5 letterbox is hidden at the base of this tree at about 3:00 looking from the trail.

Happy Hunting! BBANT stands for Bitterroot Birding and Nature Trail.