Mullan Road  LbNA # 17846

Placed DateSep 3 2005
LocationCataldo, ID
Found By the.lovebugs2004
Last Found Sep 26 2015
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Last EditedOct 3 2015

Mullan Road Letterbox

Still in place. July 2013

Travel to the 4th of July Pass in North Idaho. Take exit 28 off of I-90 at the top of the pass.
Follow the signs to the Mullan Tree Recreational Area. During the summer travelling season the gate is open, so you can drive down to the Mullan Tree Interpretative Trail.
During the off season the gate is closed , but it is a short walk down to a second lower parking area. There is a statue of John Mullan at this lower parking lot and the trail head
for a nice walk. Start your search at the beginning of the Interpretative Trail. It is a 20 minute walk in a loop with history information plaques placed along the way. A very nice walk in a cool place. As you walk along be sure to read the plaques. The history is rich here. Find the plaque that tells you of the type of animals used along this Mullan Road during the gold rush days. When you find this plague. Stand by it and then take 8 steps down the trail. After these 8 steps, stop and turn to your right. You should see a fallen tree. It has been cut because it fell across the trail. It's base and root ball are still in evidence. Take a look at the hole created by the root ball when this tree fell. The letterbox is hidden there. Please replace all items exactly as you find them in this letterbox. Hope you enjoy your time here and the find. God bless.
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