The Curious Cat  LbNA # 17854

Placed DateSep 4 2005
LocationRiverview Rd, Coventry, CT
Planted ByChoi      
Found By burning feet
Last Found Dec 16 2010
Hike Distance?

Planted by Curious Cats

Happy Prowling!

Prowling for the Curious Cat box is about a 40 minute round trip easy walk. If you paws to listen to the river, watch the wildlife, or admire the tasty fish swimming in the river, your walk will take longer.

To get started: You will want to find the trail head sign for "Riverview Trail". This is located in Coventry, CT, and is part of the town's open space system and the Willimantic River Greenway. At the intersection of rte 132 and rte 195 in Mansfield, CT, drive south on rte 32, turn right onto Merrow Rd. Cross the bridge over the river, take your immediate right. You will see a graveled parking area on the side of Riverview rd., big enough for 3 or 4 cars. Just across the river (before you crossed the bridge, is Merrow Meadow Park, home to several other letter boxes).

The Curious Cat started her prowl at the trailhead sign. She was looking for a fantastic place to hide her letterbox. First she noticed a beautiful pine tree just behind the sign. She counted the needles in each bundle and there were 5 - a clue that this was a white pine (W-H-I-T-E).

Curious Cat followed the path into the woods. Shortly she saw a flowing river. She did some research and learned that it was the Willimantic River, which flows from Stafford to Willimantic. People can travel OVER the river, or ON the river. Curious Cat followed the trail as it meandered left and along the river.

Soon, Curious noticed a bench. She sat to rest and watch the river and the birds. After enjoying these sights, she continued along the trail, following the white markers on the trees. As she continued her journey, she jumped over a dead tree lying across the trail. She noticed a red "1".
To her left was a snag, home to many insects that would be dinner for woodpeckers and other insect eating birds. She wondered how big the tree once was.

She soon jumped another tree and rested on a second bench. While resting, she watched quietly while a redtail hawk sat in the underbrush eating a chipmunk. After her break, she crawled along the trail and crossed a little step bridge. Shortly she found another bench, where she sat and watched the fish in the sunlit water.

Anxious to see what else would lie ahead, Curious continued on her way. She enjoyed her walk along the river's edge. Soon she ended up at a larger wooden bridge.
She decided to investigate. She crept across the bridge and followed the path a short bit more. She came upon another resting spot. She gazed upon the river, then turned her back to it to look at an impressively large pine. Upon further investigation arund that tree, she discovered the letterbox! Please rehide carefully covered to protect it from the elements!