India Series: 2 & 3  LbNA # 17876

Placed DateSep 1 2005
LocationLakeside, OR
Found By odin1
Last Found Jul 13 2007
Hike Distance?

(box 2 moved and clues amended 8/25/08, due to storm damage)

Head over to the day use area of Eel Lake at Tugman State Park. The lake is beautiful for fishing, swimming and slow boating. Venture to the ends of lake and you may see river otters, beavers, cormorants, osprey.

Box no. 2 is a half mile hike.
Box no. 3 is a longer jaunt. . . allow an hour on foot.

2: Take the north heading trail out of the day use area. Head to the end of the trail. On your way back, after sighting the log jam and water lilies in the cove, cross a little bridge over a creek. Look on the right for a grouping of four tree trunks. One trunk is not like the others, Behind and under sticks find something with a completely different sort of trunk.

3: Take the southern trail heading counterclockwise around the lake. Enjoy the many lovely vistas and avail yourself of the ample seating opportunities. When you reach the semi-circle of three benches enjoy the view. Head onward, but on your way back 33 paces to the old trail, which drops closer to the lake. Take this. Close to the leaning tree under bark.

Happy Trails!
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