Mission Impossible at Alligator Park  LbNA # 17891

OwnerThe Boxalots    
Placed DateAug 10 2005
LocationPowhaten, LA
Found By Gingaroo
Last Found May 18 2009
Hike Distance?

If you are brave - venture to Alligator park. Take I-49 to exit #148 - head east. Head south on Highway 1 and then turn east when you spot the big alligator bus! Seriously!

Check www.alligatorpark.net for more directions and times.

First I want to thank Terry and Deborah Rogers for hosting this box at their park. Terry even gave us the handout that we adapted for the clue! This is a great spot for young and old - where else can you hold an alligator and then eat some alligator all in the same day?!

You will need to copy the worksheet below, take it to the park with you, answer the questions and then turn it in at the gift shop to retrieve this box:

At Alligator Park

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer the following questions. The answers are hidden throughout
the park (check signs, TV or speeches - even use your own two eyes!)

1. How many different types of alligators are there in the world?
2. How many teeth do alligators have?
3. What determines the sex of an alligator while in the egg?
4. How many pounds per square inch of pressure does an adult alligator have?
5. What happens if an alligator loses his teeth?
6. What is the green stuff that covers the water in the swamp?
7.At what temperature does an alligator quit eating?
8. What month do all alligators lay their eggs?
9. How many days does it take for an alligator egg to hatch?
10. How many feeding shows are happening today?
11. How long is the alligator hide hanging above the indoor side of "Gator Bites" snack shop?
12. What mode of transportation is on Castaway Island? (not sure if it is working though!)
13. Where is the largest gator in the park located?
14. What large avians from Australia reside in the park as well?
15. What activity is coming in 2006 between the Swamp and Castaway Island?

WARNING!!! This test will self-destruct within 30 second of turning it in at the gift shop and requesting the box! No worksheet - no box. It is a camo-taped box behind the counter (in the top drawer.) Bring your own ink - green works great!