3 Cent Mystery  LbNA # 17895

OwnerPost Mystress    
Placed DateSep 5 2005
LocationLorton, VA
Found By windsurfgator
Last Found Jan 31 2013
Hike Distance?


This three cent stamp issued Jun 12, 1958 in Lorton VA shows sib ciga cn Facgad Nbrcg.
Admom ucbua ega ybge aeoa pm ucb xoymd ugohm
ri Cpohpe Akw Tanhpgef Hogpf
Dr mpmqx hgbuc kguds obgn lhmd nogedq sp CASVf
Gkzc 255 bdagkubu
Ghrpb fm ucb siuauk cm cgc ebzsu ri sia udb opqrd ugohm

To Break This Code requires a 6 letter word in which no two letters are repeated.
Normally this code is used in correspondence and the preceeding or initial letter would leave a clue for finding the word. Example: "18-33". This would be Page 18 and the 33rd Word – using a predetermined book or dictionary.
But there is no correspondence for this 3 CENT MYSTERY so I will have to give you a hint.
It is the Algonquin word for the "water place".
Maybe you are already an experienced code breaker and know how this works.
Or maybe you are an avid mystery reader. In the Dorothy L. Sayers "Have His Carcase", Lord Peter Wimsey uses this type code to decipher a letter written to the murder victim.

It will take longer to de-cipher this code than to make the 15 min hike to find the box.

Please report your findings or damage to PostMystress@yahoo.com.