K9 Best Friends  LbNA # 17908

Placed DateSep 5 2005
LocationEppstein Park, Maumee, OH
Found By feminista
Last Found Mar 28 2016
Hike Distance?


BOX REPLACED ON 7-22-07, CLUES ARE A LITTLE DIFFERENT. I carved another stamp, but I don't think it is a good as my first one.

Difficulty: Easy and fun, please bring your own stamp pad and pen. You might need some bug spray. This is a park within a business community, so lunch time during the week would be very busy.

Directions: Dussel Dr/Salisbury Rd exit off Rt 23 follow to the east towards Maumee. At the first light, Arrowhead Rd, turn left and at stop sign turn left and follow curve around to the right. Next road on your right will be Woodlands Dr (can be easily missed). The road will curve to the left.

Look for a sign on your right Eppstein Park in the shape of an arrowhead. You can park in the forst lot on the right, currently called Directions Credit Union Operations Center. Follow the path in for a while and then you will come to a choice of three paths. With the wooden post to your left follow the path to the south, hopefully you have chosen the RIGHT path. Again you will come to a fork in the path and the wooden post will be on your right. Follow the path to the east, hopefully you haven't LEFT anything behind. Once you choose this path you will take 115 steps or 58 paces passing lots of trees of all sizes, got tired of counting. You will pass an area that has some viney trees (looks like deer could sleep in there) on the right and keep going and you will come to a tree on your right that has fallen over and resting on the trees overhead. Look at the base of this tree under the stamp area for your prize. Be sure to cover it up again with ground cover when you are finished. Please be sure to let me know if it has been disturbed. Please rehide carefully. Be careful to find you way out, there are a lot of directions to get lost.

Please advise of the conditions of this box to babsbuggy@yahoo.com HAPPY BOXING!!!

If you are into geocaching there is a cache hidden in this park as well. (Indianwood by Good Dog).