Wood Duck Trail Series  LbNA # 17909

Placed DateSep 5 2005
LocationWantage, NJ
Planted ByThe Three Bees    
Found By Dragon Slayers
Last Found Oct 11 2008
Hike Distance?

This is a three part series of letterboxes located on the Wood Duck Nature Trail. Located 0.1 miles east of RT 23 on Route 565 on right hand side of road.

Open from sunrise to sunset
Difficulty: moderate
Terrain: level but not paved
Trail length: 1.5 miles to end
Placer note: Easy enough for young kids and remember mosquito repellant

This was our first box to place and we hope you like it!
Start at the parking lot.

Box #1:

This trail is for walking and not for bikes
Don't sit at the first benches, you just started your hike

Cedars, Oaks, Maples and pines
Enjoy your walk and read the signs

The bridge is in sight, but look to your right
There are 3 benches and some animals of flight

The center bench is where you should be
Look behind the many trunk tree

Box #2

After finding Box #1 replace and hide well, continue on trail.

Walk over the bridge and count the wood planks under your feet. You will need this number later. ____A_____

Notice the turtle sign on your right and remember the number of feet showing on it. ____B_____

Go under the white birch tree

Pass the red tailed hawk.

Pass the 2000 mosquitos.

At the 8/10ths mile marker go (A divided by B)number of large paces to find what you are looking for under the left side of the step.

Box #3

After finding #2 replace and hide well, continue on trail.

Pass the Wetlands, Muskrat, Habitat, and Ticks signs.

Go over two foot bridges

Pass the Cavity Nesters sign.

Pass the Eagle Point bench on left.

See the Blue Heron and Diversity signs.

At the end of trail see an old train bridge in the water. Look for a pile of rocks at the base of the tree to your left.

Happy Letterboxing!