Looney Tunes  LbNA # 17966

Placed DateSep 2 2005
LocationBelgrade Lakes, ME
Planted ByExploreLen    
Found By seagull
Last Found Nov 4 2009
Hike Distance?

Easy Find - Drive By

Our family has placed 4 letterboxes that are within walking distance of one another around the village, plus another that you would drive to. Our stamps were carved while we were housebound at camp due to rainy weather so the stamps are quite rustic, typifying the rustic area where they have been placed.

After you have found and stamped St. Helena's, walk across Route 27 towards the Sunset Grill and walk left on West Road, turning right onto Lake Shore Drive. You will walk approximately 2/10th of a mile to the public beach. You can also drive here, there are a couple of parking spaces. Walk down the path towards the lake. Pass six stately symbols of the State of Maine. Walk to your left along the shoreline and view the lake from a vantage point between two large rocks on either side of rocky steps. Now, turn your back to the lake and walk forward looking for the large, flat boulder in the brush. You will find Looney Tunes underneath a ledge of the boulder and behind a stone.