Myths and Legends - BLODEUWEDD  LbNA # 17971

OwnerForce of Five    
Placed DateJun 11 2005
LocationLeesburg, VA
Found By truredfoxx
Last Found Apr 26 2016
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Planted by: Koyote
Part of an ongoing series.
Location: Red Rock Wilderness Overlook Regional park
DIRECTIONS: From route 7 in Leesburg, take route 15 north towards Luketts. As you are going through Leesburg shopping area, take a right onto edwards Ferry road. Continue on this roda for about a mile or two and look for the park entrance on your left. The road becomes somewhat unpaved before you get to it. The park is on the left just where the paving starts again. Pull into the park entrance and park any where in the lot. Proceed to the information kiosk. There are usually trail maps available here.

CLUES: From the kiosk, proceed on the middle path just to the left of the house. this is the green trail. Continue down this trail as it descends gently into the woods. A ravine is evident on the left of the trail. the trail soon comes to anintersection with the white trail coming in from the left and continuing on the right at 70*. Continue right and down the trail. You will come to a small wooden bridge. Cross this bridge and continue along the trail (White) with the stream on your right. This may be quite dry in warmer periods. The trail soon turns right and crosses a bridge over the stream. The trail heads up sharpley and bears to the left. The trail rises with the ravine evident on your left again. Search for a large leaning, blown down tree off to your ight in the woods. When you spy this, look for a 4 trunked tree on the right of the trail. Stand at this 4-trunked tree and take a bearing of 320* (you should be looking toward the ravine). Walk about 25 steps down the slope to an old dead treee with a gnarled root base. Blodeuwedd waits for you at this base. Please be sure to rehide this box carefully as this box can be washed away in rain if not secured with the wait of rocks and bark. Hope you enjoyed your walk. I encourage you to continuee on to the overlook on this trail. It is a beautiful view of the Potomac River and Maryland on the other side. The white trail will bring you back to the starting point. Safe trails.