Where the Buffalo Roam  LbNA # 17975

Placed DateSep 9 2005
LocationSalina, KS
Planted ByLarry739    
Found By wenkraft
Last Found Apr 6 2014
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Where the Buffalo Roam

Located in Ottawa County Kansas just northeast of Salina, KS.

Placed Sept 9, 2005

This is an easy letterbox to drive to and you can literally drive right to it. You will only have to walk the last ten feet or so.

Take Highway 81 north out of Salina and drive to Bennington about 15 miles away. Take Highway 18 east through Bennington and keep going east 8 miles. There is a gas station in Bennington with bathroom facilities. You will see no more on this trip to the letterbox so stop if you need to before going further.
After going 8 miles past Bennington on Highway 18 turn left (north) on a gravel road N260RD. You will stay on this road for about 6 miles. After you go through the S curve take the first gravel road to the right (east) which is Kiowa RD. Look up ahead as you start out on Kiowa RD. and you will see a gap the road makes in the hill on the horizon. That is where you are headed. It is 2.6 miles to the gap. When you arrive at the gap you will see two large cliffs of sandstone on either side of the road. The letterbox is hidden on the south side of the road at eye level when standing on the road.

Look for a heart carved into the wall containing the names Angie and Jeff. It is next to a black stain. There is a hole in the wall with the number 739 next to it. Be careful of critters hiding in dark places. Remove the rocks blocking the hole and save them. The letterbox is deep inside. Please make sure you repackage everything carefully and hide it just like you found it taking extra care to make it look as natural as possible.

Take time to look at the things people have carved into the sand stone. It makes some interesting reading.

After rehiding the letterbox proceed east on down the road past the gap to the two tall poles marking the gate to the north field. Look at the far hill through the poles to see where this letterbox got its name. If you are lucky enough to come at the right time you may also see the buffalo herd that grazes in this field. There is also a big black and white Texas Longhorn Steer with really big horns that grazes with the buffalo herd.

Please email me if you find this letterbox or to report any problems.