Harold and Maude #1 (Sarah's Babybox)  LbNA # 18017 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 10 2005
CountySan Mateo
LocationPacifica, CA
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Difficulty: Easy to locate, walk is vigorous, but do-able by most. Recommend sturdy shoes and perhaps a walking stick to make things more pleasant. Also: BEWARE OF POISON OAK!!!!! Stay on established trails.

This box is the first in a series devoted to one of my alltime favorite films: HAROLD AND MAUDE, much of which was filmed on the SF Bay Peninsula.

SCENE: Final scene of the film when Harold drives the Jag-hearse over the cliff.

Find out where this scene was filmed on a Harold and Maude fansite. HINT: It's lodged near the Pacific where moose have sometimes been spotted.

When you think you have located the place, follow any path around to the ocean, stopping to appreciate the breathtaking views. Locate the grafitti-adorned remnants of a blockhouse. At the end of the blockhouse's stone fence, hidden beneath several rocks, is the box. There is a special treat for the first finder!

If you look past the blockhouse, you will see a very steep path. If you want to see the actual filming location, follow the path straight up. While the car is no longer there, the spectacular scenery is.