Life Is Good  LbNA # 18031 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 9 2005
LocationUrbana, IL
Found By Jaxom and Sharra
Last Found Mar 26 2009
Hike Distance?

Today was a great day. I called my friend Jake and told him that I would meet him for a hike. I headed out and came to the perfect spot. In front of me was a meadow teaming with life. A brook ran through it feeding the plants and wattering the animals.

I paused for a moment and watched the animals of the prairie play their games with each other. As I headed out looking for Jake my heart was beating so hard it felt like two hammers pounding against each other. I crossed over a bridge and after passing through the Southern passage I went anonther 55 steps or so before I noticed a path leading off the main trail to my left. This path headed straight back until I spotted something reminding me of one of my favorite books/movies, the Princess Bride. It was the six fingered man. The 5 fingers went skyward and the thumb out to the side. Nestled in the palm I found Jake waiting for me.

Jake and I headed back down the main path for a while. As it had been a swift journey we thought we should pause for a moment, step of the path, and take a moment for reflection and some time to center ourselves. It was about 20 degress out, yes that is in Celsius, and we enjoyed the sun and the breeze. While looking around we spotted an intesting clump of trees. On our return to the main path we stopped and looked more closely. Amongst the four trunks were a pair of flip flops.

Back on the main path we relished every moment, enjoying the wild flowers on the way. Eventually we found a resident of the area from Beloit, WI. At this point we sensed a call from the South. The Prairie was calling to us. We followed its call but for some reason continued South instead of going East as it beckoned. We heard a strang noise from under the bridge in front of us. We checked under the South West corner and found a very playful dog.

The dog accompanied us on our journey. We recrossed the bridge and headed out past the dancing fire flies in their circle and the large pine cone. We found ourselves on the main path once again and headed off down the hill. All of a sudden we spotted a rabbit. He darted across our path and ran straight into the woods. We looked closer and found a small path that followed the river. We took this path until we came to an unconventional bridge leading across the water over to an island. We carefully crossed the bridge. Sending something special we looked down, and hidden amongst the gnarled roots of a tree was a four leaf clover.

We scurried back along the river bank to the main path and crossed the bridge. After another short hike we found a bench upon which we could rest our weary legs. As we sat on the bench, directly behind us we heard the sounds of someone crying. We turned around and there she was, weeping over the loss of her flower. We made our way across the creek to her feet and were able to find the flower nestled in the creases of her dress where it had fallen.

Making our way back to the main path we followed it until we saw aomething that startled us. We were forced to avert our eyes and decided to take an alternate route rather than walk past and pretend we were not looking. The path we took twisted and turned until it cam to a junction. Here out in the midst of things we paused and looked around. Night was coming so it was a cooler 60 degrees now and more enjoyable without the humidity of earlier in the day. We picked our path and headed along it. The path took us out into the opening from which we could see our starting point. Instead of returning home, however, we followed the fence to the East. At the end of the fence we decided to head South. We were treated to a wonderful view. Then at the bottom of the hill we were given a final choice, and, as always, we chose the path less travelled. We followed the path and mangaed to bump our heads and trip twice before we realized we were approaching private property. We stopped at the boundary marker, a wooden pole. And thought back on our day. LIFE IS GOOD.

****Total hike is approximately 2 miles unless you figure out a few shortcuts. Please email me with any comments or suggestions or to let me know if anything needs to be replaced. I intend to replace the containers used one at a time with better ones as soon as I am able. Only Jake, the Dog, and Life is Good have logs the other three are stamp only. Please bring your own ink. Thanks you*****