Brick City Quarry  LbNA # 18061 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 12 2005
LocationOcala, FL
Found By The Scooby Doo Gang
Last Found Aug 29 2010
Hike Distance?

Brick City Quarry box is MISSING as of 6 February 2011.


Start out going south on US-27/US-301/US-441/FL-200/SW Pine Ave./FL-25 towards SW Broadway St. Continue to follow US-27/US-301/US-441/FL-200/SW Pine Ave./FL-25. Turn left onto FL-464/SE 17th St. Turn right onto SE Lake Weir Rd/SE Lake Weir Ave/CR-464A.
Go past St. John Lutheran Church and School and you will see a sign for BRICK CITY PARK on the left. Turn left here onto SE 22nd Rd. End at 1211 SE 22nd Rd Ocala, FL, 34471.
Drive down this road and turn left into the parking lot above the football field.


Brick City Park contains an old lime quarry, now long abandoned and completely overgrown. *Bug spray is a must!! Also be sure that you know how to identify poison ivy, as it grows plentifully on the trail.

Facing east, head into the trees and you will see the beginning of a wooden plank walkway; take it to the left. This is the one main path that goes around the edge of the old lime quarry. It is mostly the plank walkway, but it is interspersed with dirt paths. You will be staying on this path. Keep going on the planks and you will hit a dirt path, and then another plank walkway, where you will eventually take a 90 degree right turn. At this point you should be able to see railroad tracks on your left. Next you will hit another dirt path. There will be bamboo on your left. Just for your curiosity - you will pass a lesser-used path on the right that leads to a rock outcropping with a view of the pond. But keep going on the main path to get to the box. Soon the path will take a 90 degree left turn into a "tunnel" of bamboo. Proceed through this tunnel. You will see a large, square, mossy stone tub on the left. Just beyond it is a pile of rusty scrap metal. You will have to weave your way through the bamboo to get to the box - it is behind the pile of tin, on the side farthest away from the path. Check next to the circular piece, underneath some debris.
If you keep going you will reach another plank walkway. A dirt path veers off to the right, which will take you to a planked observation deck that goes over the water. But to get back to the beginning of your circle around the quarry just keep going straight.

Happy Hunting!