Chinese Zodiac Signs Rooster and Ox  LbNA # 18066

Placed DateSep 12 2005
LocationZaleski, OH
Planted BySafari Man      
Found By The Hobos
Last Found Jul 31 2009
Hike Distance?

These two boxes were placed in this new location 4/26/06

Please refer to clues for Chinese Zodiac Boar,Sheep,Horse and Dragon to begin this hunt and then refer to the clues for the Chinese Zodiac Monkey to see where to begin the hunt for the ROOSTER and OX

ROOSTER After discretely retrieving, stamping and replacing the Monkey, go back to the intersection of trails and continue on the Furnace trail 103 steps and look right, down the hill to a multi trunked tree with a fallen tree wedged in it. Go ~ 18 steps down the hill to the confluence of trunks and find the ROOSTER hiding within.

OX After replacing the Rooster, as you found it, go back to the trail and continue forward 150 steps and look left for a 5' stump about 7 steps off the trail. The OX is between the stump and fallen trees under limbs and bark. (this stump is ~ 36 steps before another wooden bridge.)

This completes your hunt for the 8 Chinese Zodiac Signs on this trail. If you are done for the day, I hope you enjoyed yourselves. If you wish to hunt for 4 more signs in this park, refer to the clues for the Chinese Zodiac Signs Rat, Dog, Rabbit and Snake. Please drop me a line letting me know about the conditions of these first 8 boxes by using the Contact the Placer function at LBNA, thank you.