Chinese Zodiac Signs--- Rat, Dog, Rabbit and Snake  LbNA # 18067

Placed DateSep 12 2005
LocationZaleski, OH
Planted BySafari Man      
Found By The Hobos
Last Found Jul 31 2009
Hike Distance?

Please refer to clues for Chinese Zodiac Signs Boar,Sheep,Horse and Dragon for the concepts of this series before beginning your hunt for these 4 boxes. Please be discrete when retrieving and replacing boxes and please replace the box where you found it, well concealed.

For a map of the park go to:

The walking distance for these 4 boxes is less than 1/4 mile on fairly level ground after the first small hill.

Directions to start the hunt for these 4 boxes: Find the parking lot for the Hope Furnace. It is north of the entrances to the Beach and Lodge and also the ranger station, on Ohio 278 . Park at the southern end of this parking lot and cross the highway bridge south to the wooden steps going up to the trail head of the Peninsula Trail.

RAT Go up the wooden steps and on to the trail sign and turn right. Starting at the end of the bridge, go right toward the lake for 60 steps and stop. Look right and you should see a bird house between you and the lake. The RAT is hiding behind the Beech tree on the left side of the path under limbs.

DOG Continue on the trail another 83 steps, passing a large beech on the right, to the next large tree on the right and stop. Look left up the hill for a very large boulder. Above the boulder is a tree with another bird house on it. Carefully go up to the bird house and find the DOG, behind the tree behind the tree with the bird house on it. Redundancy?

RABBIT After discretely doing your thing with the Dog, continue the hike 135 steps more, passing a name carved tree and on to the far end of the next wooden bridge. Can you see a rather large fallen tree close to the far left end of this bridge? Good, your in the right park. The Rabbit is in the roots at the uphill end of this really dead tree.

SNAKE (NOTE: THE SNAKE IS MISSING) From your end of the end of the bridge continue forward another 121 steps to the tall (18' to 20') stump 3-4 steps left of the trail. The SNAKE is coiled up behind this stump under quite a bit of bark.

This completes the 4 Chinese Zodiac Signs on this trail. If you have not already hunted for the other 8 Zodiac signs in this park, please do. Also note that there are other letterboxes present in this park, close at hand, others close to the park and I highly recommend your finding the Moonville tunnel and haunted Moonville letterbox as both are quite interesting. I hope you enjoyed this series and will let me know their condition.
Have a good un ........ Safari Man.