Ringo Duck and Cee Cee's Box  LbNA # 18085 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 13 2005
CountyContra Costa
LocationConcord, CA
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Hike Distance?

VERY EASY, PLEASANT WALK- Bring the family and the dog and a bag or two of birdseed for the geese and ducks.

Locate NEWHALL PARK in Concord (near the Turtle Creek subdivision off Ygnacio Valley Road)

This is a beautiful urban park with a creek flowing into a natural lake, soccer fields, bocce ball courts,a barbecue area and some trails for walking people and dogs.

When you have found your way to the park, park your car in the EASTERN lot and locate the small butterfly garden near the restrooms. It is here at the butterfly garden that your quest begins.

Start at the outer fence of the butterfly garden, on the LOOSE gravel path. Count off 87-90 paces, going WEST past the maintenance yard. You will see a public phone and a post with doggie poo collection bags at the end of the yard fence. There will be a small bush and two large rocks. Behind the rocks is a tree and nestled in the hollow of the trunk (s) it is the box, covered by lots of leaves and branches. Be sure to cover it well and be discreet- the park is popular and the path generally busy, especially in late afternoon.

But wait! You haven't finished. Grab the pack of birdseed inside the box (or if it is already gone- use your own) and continue WEST on the path to the bird lake. If you look around you might spot Ringo. He has a VERY distinctive hairdo! Sit on the benches and enjoy the birds- there might even be a heron or egret to surprise you. And I promise to hide more boxes here some day- just to entice you back to DIABLO COUNTRY.