Something Fishy  LbNA # 18101 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 11 2005
LocationGrand Mesa, CO
Found By CO penguin
Last Found Jul 26 2007
Hike Distance?

The Grand Mesa in western Colorado is a paradise for hiking, mountain biking, camping, enjoying fabulous views and... FISHING! A fishy visitor from New Zealand has taken up residence near some of his American cousins.

From I-70 take exit 49 (Co Hwy 65) and begin a beautiful drive up onto the Mesa. Continue on until you reach the turn-off for Mesa Lakes. Drive in until you find yourself in the Glacier Lake Picnic will be able to drive no further. Time to go on foot!
Head up the small hill to the higher lake and to the right until you stand at the beginning of the trail that goes to Lost Lake.
Walk down the trail until it splits.. the right turn heads towards Lost Lake and the left branch continues on around the lake. Take the left branch.
Continue walking until you reach the 3rd bridge.. but don't cross it!
Stand between the splintered stump and the tall slender pine on the SE side of the trail, facing uphill.
Set your bearings at 150 degrees and take 40 steps up the hill until you stand at a pine that has lots of dead wood and overgrowth at it's feet.
on the SE side of the tree at the point where the dead and the living meet, reach under and find the little fish from the other side of the world.

Please rehide him carefully so that he may enjoy a long and relaxing visit!

Be sure to visit the Lost Lake letterbox in this same area!

Thanks to Esmerelda for hiding this box!