Trappers 2005  LbNA # 18110

Placed DateSep 9 2005
LocationMeeker/Buford, CO
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

I have been visiting Trappers since 1991 and have missed coming only a couple of years.
I just feel at home when I arrive, hoping that the campground will be peaceful and not too many other campsites will be occupied.
This year I took my eldest daughter camping for a week. We have only been letterboxing for two months but decided to place one near the campsite in the hopes that some other letterboxer can visit this beautiful place.

Trappers Lake is fifty miles from the nearest town of Meeker and about thirty miles from the nearest store in Buford.
The dirt road that takes you to Trappers is the FR205 which is off the Rio Blanco county road 8. In my DeLorme Atlas it is in the bottom right corner on page 25.
Take the Trappers road all the way past the lodge and right over the bridge. Keep going past the campsites until the road takes a turn to the left with a campground overspill parking lot to the right.
There is no parking in this area so keep going for a few hundred feet until you come to the Wall Lake trailhead.
Park and walk back to the "Himes Peak Trail #1877" sign.
Start walking up the trail for about 2/10 mile.
Be on the lookout on the right for a four foot stump in the shape of a horseshoe and a twenty foot high decapitated tree. Stop about 6 feet from the large dead tree. If you get to a wooden bridge you have gone too far. No problem, just go back 32 paces and you will be between those tree stumps. Turn to the west and head off into the brush towards the left end of the "Chinese Wall" for 21 paces.
You should see a twin trunked tree at the edge of the forest and nearby a hollow trunk with the letterbox hidden under bark and stones.
As this area was burned in the fire of 2002, trees are liable to fall at any time.

Hopefully you will spend a few days in this area and enjoy the many hiking trails and fish for cutthroats and rainbows in the numerous streams and lakes that surround this area.

Please take along a pen and stamp pad.

Please contact me when you find the letterbox as it is a long way from Cincinnati where I work.