Pine Creek Series #6  LbNA # 18137

Placed DateSep 3 2005
LocationBlackwell, PA
Found By orangeblssm1976
Last Found Jun 20 2011
Hike Distance?

Along this trail you cannot fail
To see some fish and game
This next stamp, for the boys at camp,
In April gets chased like a dame.

From Blackwell head up the trail
Again, the bicycle is best
North towards Tidaghton
You'll be ahead of the rest

A few short miles and you will see
A mountainside five trunk tree
But not something you'd notice from the path
To find it you must suffer our rhyming wrath!

Many a stream this path does cross
So many to name and we're at a loss
This little run, when heavy rain makes a din,
Starts with the name of the gorge you are in

The next part then continues with
A landmass that no man is
If the answer's on the tip of your beak
then the last part is a name for a small creek

Dismount from the bike and get on with the hike
A short distance up the north side
After you go just 30 yards or so
You see where the five trunk tree does hide

Up to your left, if your climbing is deft,
There lies a box, for you the sly fox
Up under the ledge, that's a bet you won't hedge
You capture your's the "ring of the rise"

**Please bring your own ink. We recommend blue.