Bear Mountain Letterbox  LbNA # 18152 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 18 2005
LocationSalisbury, CT
Planted ByJPH the Leaf Lady    
Found By Corrina
Last Found Nov 1 2010
Hike Distance?

Clues to Bear Mountain LetterBox:
(This hike may take 2 hours in and 2 hours out…but the view is so worth it!)

Park at Undermountain Trail parking lot in rt. 41 in Salisbury CT.
Follow Undermountain trail for 1.9 miles to the intersection of paradise lane trail.
Continue on Undermountain trail past the paradise lane trail for .8 miles.
Turn N (right) on AT follow trail north.
Bear Mountain road an old charcoal road enters from the left in .2 miles from Mount Washington road (not maintained in the winter Nov.– May)
Continue on AT to top of Bear mountain which is .6 miles past Bear mountain road. At the summit of Bear Mtn., you will see a large stone monument. From Monument look 340 degrees N/NW to find a green sign in Pine tree that says “Camping Zones 1 mile north” look behind it for waist high rock outcrop. Walk 9 steps 280 degrees to large rock. Look under overhang for boxy pile of rocks. Your prize is under here. If you poke around the rocks, past the outcrops, you might find a few Geocash spots, ETC… I DID!