The Chickadee  LbNA # 18169

Placed DateJun 4 2005
LocationPineville, NC
Found By Trail Mixers
Last Found Feb 28 2010
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The Chickadee
For The Birds Series

Pineville Lake Park
Pineville, NC

Planted: 06/04/05

One day after playing on the playground, little chickadee decided to go for a walk around the lake. He went around the lake to the left and by the stage. He walked and walked until he came to the edge of the dam and a chain link fence. He followed the chain link fence over the back of the dam and thought he would practice his counting. One black light post, Two black light posts, Three black light posts . Wait a minute, where’s that path go? He thought he would go explore the path. So off down the hill and into the woods he went. He didn’t cross the creek bed because his mom had told him not to go near strange houses alone. So he followed the creek bed down the hill. He saw a few little waterfalls that he thought were very pretty and wanted to tell his mom about them when he got home. When he came to a fork in the road, he had to go to the right because he wasn’t big enough to jump across the ditch to the left. He continued on down the path and arrived at a big intersection. Then he saw something shiny in the grass that had a chain. It was a compass. He opened the compass and looked around to see what he could. He looked to the left and saw a big fallen tree. He walked over to the big log and saw a lot of water in that direction so he decided to take the path that was at 245 degrees on the compass. Up the hill he went. He stopped at the first big tree on the left and looked right. He saw a sister tree. Being fascinated with the compass, he opened it up again and saw that it was at 270 degrees. He thought that the sister trees looked really cool and wanted to get a closer look. When he got up to the sister tree, he perched on the side of the one on the right and OH NO!!!!!! He fell in!!!!!!!!!

Please help the chickadee get out of the hole. Carefully pull the wire up from the hole and find a mesh bag containing the box. When finished, please put him back in the box, then in the bag, cinch it up and lower him back for the next person to find.

To return to the lake, go back to the big intersection, and take the path at 315 degrees up the hill and out of the woods. You will be at the other end of the dam and can follow the path to the left back to the parking lot by the playground.