The Purple Martin  LbNA # 18172

Placed DateJun 4 2005
LocationCharlotte, NC
Found By navyorf
Last Found Feb 27 2011
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The Purple Martin
For The Birds Series #4

Park Road Park
6220 Park Road
Charlotte, NC

Planted 06/04/05

One spring day, Purple Martin (or just plain Martin as his friends called him) was sitting in the base of an old dead tree trying to get a little quiet time. He decided to go for a peaceful walk (I mean flap), possibly to find some new friends. His old ones were great, don’t misunderstand me, but they would always come to live with him, and he could never get them to leave. This particular day, he ventured too far and became lost (as men often do), but unlike most men he decided to stop and ask for directions to get back home.
First he stopped near the parking lot by the restrooms to talk to a busy squirrel. Mr. Squirrel told him “I don’t know, but you can go down to the lake and left toward the road. There you might find Duck. Ask him.”
Much to his disappointment, Mr. Duck only replied that he didn’t know either. “Cross the road,” said Mr. Duck, “and go a little to the left. From there you will see a trail. Take the trail down the hill and over a fallen tree, just a little farther and you’ll find a path to your right. There ‘sure as sugar’ you can find Mrs. Chipmunk. Maybe she can help you”, muttered Mr. Duck hurriedly as he followed his wife and kids into the lake.
Martin did as he was told and ‘sure as sugar’ he found Mrs. Chipmunk. He explained his situation to her and told all he REALLY wanted to do was find his home and all of his friends (which he missed so dearly). He told her of his journey and how it all started near a particular group of trees.
Mrs. Chipmunk, being such a kind soul, agreed to help. The only stipulation, since she couldn’t trust him to follow her DIRECTIONS, he’d have to follow HER. As she scampered down the trail (marked with logs), Martin could barely keep up! She cut off a family of turtles (in their motor homes) and nearly rear ended a snake!!! He even lost sight of her twice when she went over two small logs crossing the path. After the second log she took 100 chipmunk steps (about 10 human paces) and then she merely stopped and pointed to her right. There they stood, the group of trees Martin had been trying to find. And right there in the middle, the dead tree with the hole at the bottom! Finally he could get home!!!
He thanked Mrs. Chipmunk and flew to those trees. Once inside the hole at the bottom of the dead one he was able to find his way . When he got home all of his friends flocked to see him.
It was great to be home!!!

You will find Martin and his friends inside the hollow tree, behind a large piece of bark, at the back of the hole hidden under some debris. Please enjoy and rehide well.