Wooly Booger  LbNA # 18183

Placed DateSep 11 2005
LocationMesa, CO
Planted ByCatamount Carvers    
Found By Front Range Hiker
Last Found Aug 3 2008
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Wooly Booger

Besides good letterboxing, the spectacular Grand Mesa also has great fishing. In our fishing explorations of the area lakes, we found our hand tied Wooly Booger to be the most reliable in out smarting bigger and older non-stocked fish.

Now, a note to you fishermen … we realize that Wooly Booger is typically known as a Wooly Bugger, but the Catamount Carvers call it a Booger and that’s how we spell it!


From Highway 65 on the Grand Mesa, turn at the Jumbo sign near Mesa Lakes and go to Glacier Springs Picnic Area. Proceed to the Lost Lake Trailhead (Trail #502) on the south side of Mesa Lake. Follow this trail a hundred yards or so until it turns to the left and climbs up a small hill. Continue on the trail as it curves around a small lake that will be on your right, and keep walking along the trail until this lake begins to disappear over your right shoulder. Near this point, the trail turns more steeply uphill to the left, and you will see a boulder field to the right. At the point where the trail turns, you will see an erosion baffle composed of 4 stones embedded in the ground crossing the trail. To the left of these you will see a reddish stone, a small stump, and a small 15 foot fir tree. From this reddish stone, sight a magnetic bearing of 320 degrees, and look out about 50 feet to see a 14” diameter fir tree. The Wooly Booger is hidden under a couple rocks about 3 feet to the east of that tree. At the time the box was placed, there was a small dead log leaning against the fir that pointed downward to the hiding spot.

The Wooly Booger fly attached to this journal has a history. Please note that the hook is broken. Let your imagination then appropriately create an enormous trout with sharp teeth and powerful jaws battling with a trembling fisherman on the bank of a Grand Mesa lake. Yes, the fish and the fisherman battled for hours, long into the night until finally, the line went limp, and the broken lure was slowly and sadly retrieved. This is, of course, the most reliable story, but revisionists insist that the hook was purposely broken to prevent unsuspecting letterboxers from inadvertently impaling themselves. You be the judge….

Handmade stamp
Handmade journal
Handmade fly

Please stamp in away from the Wooly Booger's hiding spot, as it is visible from the trail. Please rehide very carefully and make sure it is completely hidden from view.

Be sure to look for the Something Fishy and Lost Lake Letterboxes, which are also in this area of Grand Mesa.