Bath Township AVAST  LbNA # 18190 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 17 2005
LocationAkron, OH
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Difficulty: Easy
In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day

THIS BOX IS MISSING IT WILL BE replaced SOON. At that time directions will be changed.

Bath Township be located off I-77 between Cleveland an’ Akron in Summit County.
From ‘t north exit at Wheatley Rd, turn starboard side (west) first intersection be Brecksville Rd (North) Cleveland-Massillon Rd (south). Turn port side (south) at ‘t second traffic light, Ira Rd. turn starboard side (west). Bath Nature Preserve be on ‘t port side ‘bout a mile down ‘t roade (4160 Ira Rd).
From ‘t south exit at Ghent Rd., turn port side an’ follow ‘t roade as it joins Cleveland-Massillon Rd. (Y’s off from ‘t port side at a traffic light) continue north through 2 more traffic lights (Yellow Creek Rd an’ Bath Rd). ‘T followin’ be Ira Rd. turn port side (west) an’ follow directions above. Upon enterin’ ‘t preserve, follow ‘t path t’ ‘t end of ‘t parkin’ lot. ‘ere begins ‘t first Bath Pirate Adventure.


Ahoy Mateys, disembark from ye old cart an’ walke o’er t’ ‘t postin’ sign looke fer a map. From thar looke east fer a yellow post t’ ‘t North Fork Trail 160 degrees, cross ‘t parkin’ lot roade an’ continue on N. Fork Tr. Follow this ‘ere maine roade until it comes t’ a T. Choose ‘t north pathe, watchin’ fer ‘t greene post fer ‘t Creek. Beware ‘ere, ‘t pathe be full of waylayers an’ landlubbers an’ scallywags as it be no longer a main roade. Turn starboard side. Go alon’, until ye spot ‘t crows nests t’ ‘t starboard side, an’ ‘t Brig with ‘t imprisoned metal monster t’ ‘t port side. Note ‘t huge green grog barrel in another brig that has been breeched by a plank, ALAS it be now emptye, nearby stande upright ‘t 4 masts of a scuttled ship, no treasure be t’ be foun’ ‘ere but beware p’isons all about ye, stay on ‘t pathe. Continue on ‘t pathe an’ ye will be rewarded by ‘t sounds of a mighty ri’er. Follow ‘t pathe a while longer goin’ past ‘t “orange jewels an’ gold” these be not real treasures (but might mislead ye) until ye come t’ ‘t white WARNIN’ poste…ahead lies danger an’ not fer ‘t lily-livered …disease an’ sickness…choose carefully if ye wish t’ continue this ‘ere quest fer treasure…Looke around an’ be certain thar be no cutthroats or other swabs followin’ ye. walk 17 paces from ‘t post. T’ yer starboard side at 202 degrees ye will see a small openin’ in ‘t brush t’ ‘t “Garden Bowl”. Enter ‘ere if ye dare, an’ walke 3paces int’ clearin’ where ‘t group of trees stand, but BEWARE ‘t trees ha’e sharp quills; one pricke from their mighty p’ison has felled mighty oakes. From ‘t center of ‘t groupin’, espy ‘t felled trees which were not careful an’ search fer a large X which marks ‘t spot. Shiver me timbers! Under ‘ere be ‘t booty of ‘t Jolly Roger in a black box. AVAST ye swabs, be sure t’ return ‘t box t’ its hidden location or ye’ll be walkin’ ‘t plank ‘ere mornin’.

Return t’ ‘t pathe an’ continue on until it rejoins ‘t yellow pathe, go west back t’ ye olde cart from ‘ere, or wander ‘t trails an’ enjoy ‘t view, tharby allayin, any fear of bein, watched or followed fer yer treasure.

by charPEZt and Wayne

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