Bath Township AARGG  LbNA # 18191 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 17 2005
LocationAkron, OH
Found By Traveln Turtle
Last Found Sep 6 2006
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day


From Bath Township AVAST…leave ‘t parkin’ area turn starboard side Ira Rd., then starboard side at Cleveland-Massillon Rd. Watch fer ‘t flower vendor on ‘t starboard side, just opposite be ‘t entrance t’ ‘t Bath Community Activities Center, 1615 Cleveland-Massillon Roade
follow ‘t roade back t’ ‘t fields, turn starboard side t’ ‘t end of that parkin’, turn port side t’ ‘t end of all parkin’. Park at ‘t farthest end of ‘t last parkin’ lot. ‘ere begins ‘t quest fer ‘t second Bath Pirate Adventure…AARGG


Aar, me hearty, from ‘t NE corner of ‘t lot, looke t’ ‘t postion 120 degrees travel up ‘t mighty hill, past ye old oake tree t’ an openin’ in ‘t forest. Follow this ‘ere lytle pathe 7 paces. Now espy in ‘t direction of 36 degrees port side ‘bout 10 paces until ye come t’ a groupin’ of 10 tall sailors from various countries, thar be no p’ison ‘ere...continue t’ ‘t center of ‘t sailors. ‘t farthest sailor be a scraggy 2 in 1. From ‘t north side of this ‘ere 2 in 1, espy Pegleg’s stump, 20 degrees…nearby t’ ‘t nor’west lay ‘t remains of ‘t limbs of Pegleg, ‘t best Buccanneer who e’er li’ed, who appears t’ ‘ave been drawn an’ quartered, an’ lyin’ in Fiddlers Green, but ye be only interested in Pegleg’s stump. A wander on t’ ‘t east side of ‘t huge stump which be marked atop with an X, there lies ‘t booty AARGG. It be covered with sticks an’ stones be close nearby, nestled under ‘t stump, aye. Nearby HUGE lichen…. beautiful booty itself. Aar, it be sweet trade this ‘ere.

After findin’ ‘t log book an’ stampin’ in, be sure t’ visit ‘t vessel at ‘t top of ‘t hill t’ ‘t north…
walk ‘t planks, swin’ on ‘t yard arms an’ do other piratey stuff.

by charPEZt and Wayne

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