Placed DateSep 21 2005
CountyNew London
LocationGroton, CT
Planted ByThe P.I. & KAT WOMAN    
Found By DREAMSeekers
Last Found Jun 11 2006
Hike Distance?

Lighthouse Rocks

This is an easy walk. 95% of the walk is over level ground and is not too difficult if you have keen eyes. Bring a picnic basket and enjoy a beautiful view of the water, sailboats, birds and two lighthouses.

First you must locate the area of Groton which was once home of the, now demolished, Griswold Hotel. At one time it was one of the largest wood framed structures in the United States. (Hint: It's now the home of the 17th)

When you find the location, park on the east side of the road and proceed to find a large anchor chain, which runs east to west, ending at the bank. At the end you will find a wall that is no fun to sit on but offers a wonderful view. Walk to the north end of the wall. Once there take a bearing of 353. This bearing will point you to the location of Charlie and Tammy (so eye it up carefully). You must find Charlie and Tammy. To get there you can not go as the crow flies.

If that doesn't work for you there is another way to find them. Walk to the sidewalk and travel north to a place firemen visit. Once there, head south to the second large bolder. A compass reading of 142 will show you where to walk through. When you reach the brush line follow along it to Charlie and Tammy.

OK, the tough parts done. From this location take 5 paces south and locate a symbol. The symbol resembles the one found on the back, left hand side of a one dollar bill. Standing at that location take a compass reading of 315. Follow that bearing to a large cement pillow that is sitting on a large cement box. While sitting on the pillow facing the lighthouse, the letterbox will be over the right side of the box, a few feet down under a few rocks.

Please be discrete. There are often joggers, fishermen and numerous people sitting around enjoying the view of the river, sailboats, ferries, wildlife and beautiful sunsets over New London.

Look closely for the second stamp and help yourself to one of the treasures in the box. ENJOY!

Please contact the P.I. & Kat Woman for comments, questions, repair notices (and if the treasure runs out).

CURRENT UPDATE: The box has be distroyed and removed by vandals. We will try to set it up again with an adjustment to it's location so the same people don't remove it again. We will let you know when it's up and running. It's also animal friendly.