Talk Like A Pirate...Arrrr!!!  LbNA # 18233 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerPeach & Cappy    
Placed DateSep 16 2005
LocationPalisade, CO
Found By (hidden)
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Talk Like A Pirate, Arrrr!!!
Gone Missing!!! Oct 2010. Not sure if or when we will replace.. Aarrrgh!!!

All ye scalliwags and wenches get yourself to Colorado River State Park, “Island Acres”, me mateys! It’s Exit 47 from I-70.

Begads! The park has many islands, albeit small islands, but pirates have a fondness for islands of any size! Arrr!!!

The islands are governed by the Colorado State Parks. Hopefully, all ye pirates have a pass to the parks or ye will need to leave a doubloon. Enter the park and turn left at the main crossroad directing ye to both sides of the park. After turning left, look for the sign for “Wild Horse Group Picnic Area”. The parking lot for Wild Horse is gated and reserved for groups. Park across from it in general parking. Walk around the gate that fences off parking for the “Wild Horse” groups. Look toward your left for a railed area with a dedication plaque that reads, “Island Acres State Rec Area for Handicap Citizens – Dedicated Veterans Day 1978”.

Avast! Facing the plaques, go to the left (NE) corner of the railing. Just on the otherside is a wispy bush hiding a treasure trove of “pirate lingo”! Sneaky pirates go around the railing and under the arch of a branch of a protective tree to the wispy bush. Rocks help protect the hiding spot. Blimey – that was easy!

Stamp the lingo and leave your mark and message in the journal! Be sure to rehide the booty well or ye be known as a scurvy pirate and ye will carry the pirate curse with ye! Arrrgh!!!

Pirate Peach and Cappy
Hand-made Stamp and Journal