Picnic Basket Letterbox  LbNA # 18239

OwnerDouble Tree      
Placed DateSep 22 2005
LocationGresham, OR
Found Byverano
Last UpdateOct 5 2008


I carved several stamps to plant for the kids at my company picnic, but decided it would be simpler to hide store-bought self-inking stamps instead. (The kids loved the "treasure hunt", even in the rain.)

So, I had several stamps that needed a home... I decided that a Picnic Basket letterbox was the answer. In the tradition of Maiden's "Jay's Tool Box", and more recently Kokopelli's "Chas and Billi's Lunchbox", I've planted a box that everyone who visits can contribute a stamp to. Carve and add your own picnic-themed stamp for others after you to enjoy.

This box contains several stamps so that even the firsties to find it will have many things to see. I've carved:

Play ball
Corn on the cob


At Oxbow Park, decide where you might expect to find groups of picnic baskets. Choose one of these designAted areas.

Go toward the water. Look either way. Choose the correct trailhead to start at. Count 11 on your right to a many-trunked tree on your left. Behind it, under a flat rock.

Since there is a $4 entrance fee, you might want to bring the family and a picnic basket of your own, and enjoy the Great Outdoors... (heehee, plug!)