Amber Waves  LbNA # 18250

Placed DateSep 23 2005
LocationSolomon, KS
Planted ByLarry739    
Found By Bumqueesha
Last Found Jun 11 2010
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 22 2015

Amber Waves

Located in Saline County west of Solomon, KS.

This letterbox commemorates the bountiful harvest of wheat that occurs all around us every year.

The letterbox is hidden in the rest area on the north side of I-70 westbound about 1 mile past the Solomon exit. Pull in to the rest area and go to the information marker. You will learn much about Kansas from this marker. Stand behind the marker and look across the park area beyond the rest rooms. You will see a white post with an orange top along the tree line. There is another one of these off to the east but ignore it. Walk over to the marker that is north of the bathrooms. Stand with your back against this marker facing the vending machines. Turn to your left and take 32 steps along the tree row until you come to a tree next to a large cedar (juniper) tree. There is a piece of concrete behind the trunk of the tree. The letterbox is under this concrete. Please hide it again when you finish. Make sure everything is in the waterproof baggies.

There is a logbook, a rubber stamp and a pen. You will need to bring your own ink pad to stamp into your own logbook. Please add your stamp to the logbook if you have one.

Email me if you find this letterbox and let me know how it looks.