The Pirate's Treasure  LbNA # 18252

Placed DateSep 23 2005
LocationLandsdowne, VA
Found By CTEagleEye
Last Found Apr 25 2015
Hike Distance?

This is an idea by my daughter(booger-butt), as she seems to have wanted to plant a "treasure" here for some time, and she injoyed hiding these herself very much...This is almost a drive by, but not quite.....its about a 5 minute walk after parking...carvings by BullDawg

***note*** you will see a few patients on this trail, its seems kinda active

Located near Loudon Hospital Center @ Landsdowne near
the ashburn area, and Landsdowne Golf Resort. Take Route 7 to the Ashburn area, and on the opposite side of Route 7, you will see a rock retaining wall, saying "Landsdowne".. Turn here onto Landsdowne Blvd. The hospital will be on your right, and you will come to a huge "4-way" stop intersection soon after. Make a right on Riverside Parkway and then make your 2nd right into the hospital parking lot. Park as close to Riverside parkway as possible.

Once out of your car...walk on sidewalk back down towards Riverside Parkway...You will see a blacktop surface path that heads in both directions.....go to the right....
the trail winds through some trees, and soon you will see a rock game table and benches for hospital patients to enjoy... A bit after this you will see on old 4 trunk tree, a few feet off the path on the right. The 4 trunks have been cut off, and each stump is different lengths...some of which are pretty tall...It hard to miss it. 10 steps into the woods behind this tree is a 2' tall rock that is alone. It is not alone. There is small rock stuffed in the front of this rock at the bottom. Remove it, and get your reward. You have found the treasure!..haven't you?

Rehide well!