Mystery  LbNA # 18256 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 24 2005
LocationSanford, ME
Found By CPAScott
Last Found Aug 27 2006
Hike Distance?

I will check it out as soon as possible!!

This is an easy letterbox to find... and about a mile round trip. Although the terrain is rocky and the ground maybe wet at certian times of the year, it is a wide trail and easy to follow. You'll find out the name of the letterbox when you arrive there.

Here you go - Enjoy!!

This large bird has escaped his flock and taken a VERY wrong turn! Can you find him - stamp him in your book and keep him safe and warm for the winter??

#1 Pond is what you seek, an easy find so to speak....
Park by the pond, a real nice view, and look for the path walked by quite a few.... (If you parked on the side of the street next to the pond you will want to turn left onto the path)

Follow the path to near its end and look for the arrows that always bend... one points to the path that you should seek, it's walked by some from week to week.

Two large rocks announce it's start, a rock strewn road wide enough for a cart. Walk a ways and two roads do meet, but you should only cross the street. Straight down the path no twists or turns just look at all the pretty ferns!

You keep on straight for a little while until you see a little pile. The rocks are small and in a bunch... but if you see them you'll have a hunch... just take the turn there to that side I've left them as a little guide.

Walk up to the rutted hill, a right turn there and up more still. You'll pass a burned and fallen tree, but keep on going, there is more to see. There are cables stretched from tree to tree looking like the shape of a "V".... This is where you want to be.

Enter the "V" and look to the right for a tree with trunks of 3......The bird is hiding in the back, and by the way - his name is "Jack".