Treasure Hunt  LbNA # 18270

Placed DateSep 25 2005
LocationSt. Paul, MN
Planted ByRuby Crew    
Found By gma and gson
Last Found Jun 9 2009
Hike Distance?

[Boxes 1 & 4 reported as possibly missing May 2009. -Webmaster]

Once upon a time there was a noble and honorable king. The king had never lost a battle until one fateful evening when the fates turned against him. While defending his province from the ravages of evil, the tables turned. The king foresaw his fate. He knew his forces were doomed, and thus buried his treasure on the battlefield. The enchanted forest of “Battle Creek” arose on this hallowed earth. To this day, his treasure has not been found. However, a few stalwart creatures that protect the treasure still remain in the enchanted forest. If you are pure of heart and abide by the code of chivalry, they will assist you in your quest.

The Dragon:
Enter the forest of Battle Creek by its “lower” entrance. Harness your noble steed and unleash your loyal hound, he is free to roam in these forests. Your quest will begin on the path to the right. Follow this path around the bend. Stop when you have reached a stream on your right. Follow the stream to its fork. At the fork look right beyond an old gnarled tree. You will see the lair of a Dragon. As you know, dragons are misers of gems and crystals and thus loves geometric rocks. Fear not, tis but a wee dragon and he will point the way to the wizards hovel.

The Wizard:
Continue along the paved path. Take the large grassy path to your left. On the grassy path you will pass a marsh on your left. The path will begin to ascend a small hill. At the top of this little hill to your left will be a large tree about 12 paces off the path that looks like a perfect harbor for a wizard. This tree is but a decoy. The wizard’s hovel is inside the base of a slit tree 22 more paces into the wood. If you are pure of heart the wizard will gaze into his crystal ball and show you the way to the castle.

The Castle:
Back on the path you will very quickly come to a fork in the road. At the fork, go left. When you arrive back on the paved path go right. You will pass ponds on either side of you. After you pass a bench on the left, go left onto another unpaved path. At the T, go left. After you completely pass the first pond on your left, there will be a trail to your right (don’t take it!). 27 paces down the main path from the side trail is a lone tree on the right, which goes from 1 to 4 to 9. 27 paces off the trail to the left at the base of a large tree is the last remaining stone of the castle. The treasure is not in the castle so you must continue on.

The Treasure:
Continue on the main path. Pass an orange marker on your right. You will come to a Y in the trail. There is an orange marker surrounded by three trees at this point. Take the trail to the left. Thou will arrive at another juncture. Straight ahead your trusty steed will await you. But you still must recover the treasure or your sovereign will be angry. Take the trail to the left. Go left again for 53 steps down the paved path. To your left will be a small deer trail. 50 steps down this path look right. 25 steps up the hill you will see a large tree. The treasure awaits you buried under rocks at the base of this tree.

Please be sure to re-hide the Lbs well. This is a well-populated area so please hunt carefully.