Haystack Mountain School of Crafts  LbNA # 18289

OwnerThe Aroostook Sleuth    
Placed DateSep 18 2005
LocationDeer Isle, ME
Found By phynstar
Last Found Aug 4 2010
Hike Distance?

Clues: Easy
Terrain: Moderate
Stamp: Handcarved

Haystack Mt. School of Crafts is an internationally known retreat for artists. If you ever have the opportunity to take a class there, do it. The facilities are well equipped and the setting is spectacular! It is a rustic and aesthetically pleasing environment. The food is wonderful!

Directions: Take Route 15 south to Blue Hill and continue on Route 15 to Deer Isle. Go over the Deer Isle suspension bridge and proceed past Deer Isle Village. Just past the village across from a gas station take a left onto Sunshine Road. Follow the signs to the Haystack. Park in any of the parking lots and proceed to the main cluster of buildings with the sea view.

Clues: Proceed down the LONG series of stairs to the sea view. At the bottom, stand directly in front of the flagpole. At 237 degrees or about 2 o'clock look down and locate a large boulder. Note the windswept spruce on the hillside of the boulder and a creeping spruce covering the ground.
Take the stairs to the right to the spot noted. Gently lift the ground spruce branches. Underneath is what you seek.
PLEASE rehide carefully by covering with spruce needles and leaves first as the box will be visible through the branches if you don't do this. Also, look up at the outlook you were once standing on and please be discreet.
There are trails throughout the woods or you can sit on the rocks and enjoy the view.