Princess Cee Cee's Lindsay Box  LbNA # 18294 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 27 2005
CountyContra Costa
LocationWalnut Creek, CA
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Sayeth She Who Must Be Obeyed:

My "crafty" mystery box is hidden near one of my favorite places.

Locate the East Bay museum which was the first animal rehabilitation center in the United States.

When you get to this local treasure, find the SECOND donor wall of fame. Walk around past the arbor on your left, midway around the garden's circular path. On your right, you will see two yellow plastic markers driven into the ground. Walk toward the first of these and gaze down into the "gulch" where a lovely redwood stands.

At the base of the tree, in a thick carpet of bark and needles, is the treasure box. The real treasure, however, is the museum itself- a delight for children of all ages. There is a picnic area and park in back of the museum, making for a very lovely family day out.

Enjoy your visit!

Princess Cee Cee of Antiochia