Smiley  LbNA # 18296 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 29 2005
LocationBirchwood, TN
Planted ByBetter Half    
Found By RITA
Last Found Sep 6 2005
Hike Distance?


Smiley letterbox is located along the bluff area to the Chickamauga Lake. It is a regular size rubbermade containter with regular smiley trade items for those that do not Letterbox.

There are critters around. Please do not place any food items or scented items in the container. There is a smiley stamp in the container. The stamp stays in the container.

Please make sure the ink pad is closed securely so that the ink pad does not dry out. Make sure that the lid of the container is on properly so that it stays dry.

Hide the container back as you found it or better, but do not relocate the container. It should be "HIDDEN" as naturally as possible.

To find the Smiley Letterbox-hybrid, follow the following directions...

On Hwy 60 on the Meigs County side of the bridge, you will find road side parking near a historical marker. Walk down the safe side of the guard rail towards the river. On your right, there will be a trail that the local fishermen take and an occassional hiker

Start at the entrance to the trail. Travel down the trail for approximately 140ft. You will see a little memorial for someone's pet off to your left.

Continue down the trail. Approximately 240ft from the trail entrance, step over or walk around the fallen tree.

Continue down the trail. Approximately 430ft from the trail entrance, walk between two trees. One has a cork screw effect.

One tenth of a mile from the start of the trail, look for the three of heart.

Once you find the heart, the Smiley Letterbox-hybrid is about 50ft at 110° bearing.

You are looking for one that has died and one that lives on the river side of the fence.