Just A Letterbox  LbNA # 18337

OwnerRuns for Beer    
Placed DateSep 30 2005
LocationTucker, GA
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Carved by: Maine Mom of 123Family

Little Critter is hiding in a local park, past where the Tigers play, down off Livsey and past another school.

Drive past sports fields and park near the playground in the rear of the park. You’ll see Lake Erin and a trail map at the bottom of the hill. Take the trail (supposedly blazed white) counter clockwise around the lake. As you enter the trees, head up, up, up the steps and then up some more. When the trail splits, take the left fork and follow it past a trail on your right, then a trail on your left. Keep straight until the T and then go left, down 4 steps. At the base of the steps you’ll see a trail going off to the right. Stop. Look for a 7ft. tall pine tree stump about 20 feet off the to the left. Find a section of the fallen tree trunk lying near the base of the stump. Backside of log under bark.

If you are observant, you'll be able to spot the stump on your way up the main trail...about 14 steps past the first left.) Be careful of the poison ivy.