Palouse Beaver  LbNA # 18351

Placed DateSep 7 2005
LocationWashtucna, WA
Found By Calli-K
Last Found Sep 5 2009
Hike Distance?

Terrain: basalt trail, steep rocks
Distance of walk: 200 yds rt
Elevation: 30’
Wheel chair friendly: no
Hitchhiker friendly: yes

According to the Palouse tribe, the Palouse River once flowed smoothly into the Snake. But four giant brothers, in pursuit of a mythic creature called “Big Beaver”, speared the great creature five times. Each time big beaver was wounded, he gouged the canyon walls, causing the river to bend and change. The fifth time he was speared, he fought the brothers valiantly and tore out a huge canyon. The river tumbled over a cliff at this point to become Palouse Falls. The jagged canyon walls show the deep marks of Big Beaver’s claws.

Getting you close:
From Highway 395 head East on SR 260 at Connel, 7 miles past Kahlotus take a right onto SR 261, watch for Palouse Falls SP at about 10miles or so.

The Box:
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