Freed Butch  LbNA # 18353

Placed DateSep 5 2005
LocationPullman, WA
Found By Jazz Sprocket
Last Found Oct 22 2007
Hike Distance?

Terrain: paved trail
Distance of walk: 1/4 mile rt
Elevation: 20’
Wheel chair friendly: maybe, paved short very steep sections

Washington State University for years had a mascot for the sports teams that was a live cougar. His name was Butch. He was the last live cougar they kept, wisely so.

Getting you close:
Work your way to Pullman. From highway 27 go East on Paradise, right on Daniel, right on Spring, left on Derby then right into Lawson Gardens.

The Box:
Cnex ng gur Jrfg raq bs gur ybg. Gnxr gur nepu, gb gur Krevfpncr. Sebz gurer tb qbja ¾ gur yratgu bs gur fgntubea yvxr tebir. Orgjrra gur cnve bs oenapurf, naq va 2 cnprf, ybbx haqre gur onfnyg cvrpr. Gur gbjre jvyy or ng 283° znt.

Please re-hide well, scatter some natural ground debris over the hiding spot to cover-up the fresh look. Make it look natural.

Hope you enjoyed the hunt. Since we don’t live in the area we can’t check on this box very often. We appreciate an update on the boxes condition. Thank you.