Another Coincidence?? (JABR - Day 2)  LbNA # 18357

OwnerKurious Jo    
Placed DateSep 6 2005
LocationPomeroy, WA
Found By Searching Seal
Last Found Jun 9 2007
Hike Distance?

Terrain: pavement & gravel
Distance of walk: drive-by
Wheel chair friendly: not sure
Hitchhiker friendly: if small

Terrain: pavement & gravel
Distance of walk: drive-by
Wheel chair friendly: not sure
Hitchhiker friendly: if small
Recommended colors: Brown & Red

Another Coincidence?? - Just a Bike Ride Series, Day 2
At 67 miles this was the longest day of the tour. The group rode together until the first big climb of the day, where the hill scattered everyone over its slopes. At the top of Alpowa Summit, the last climb of the day, she had a flat tire. At the time she didn’t see it as a problem and sent her friend, Myra, on ahead. However after fixing the flat, the axle nut would not tighten down. Bikers sped by her quickly as they looked forward to the major downhill ride ahead of them. Suddenly she realized if she didn’t act quickly she’d be stuck at the top of a very large hill with no way down. In the oncoming rush of cyclists she spotted a familiar face from the evening before and quickly motioned for help. Was it “another coincidence” that he had taken an alternate route on a gravel road, which put this bicyclist behind her that day? Hmmmm.

With some finesse, he was able to patch the bike together enough so she could safely get down the hill - or as safe as one can be racing 50mph down hill on two very skinny tires!! That night’s lodging was at a hotel with a pool. It was Sunday and by the time they got to Clarkston, the local bike store was closed. Was it a “coincidence” that the hotel’s owner knew the owner of the local bike shop?? Hmmm

The bike shop owner got a call at home that interrupted his evening but being a kind hearted soul he drove back to the shop, picked up the needed axle, and delivered it to the bicyclists at the hotel! With axle in hand, the bicyclists spent their evening repairing her axle assembly - missing most of the poolside fun.

To read the continuing saga go to the clues for other boxes in the “Just a Bike Ride” Series.

The flat tire happened not far from Alpowa Summit which is on Hwy 12 between Clarkston and Pomeroy. The summit is approximately 20 miles from Clarkston. Go to the eastbound rest area. It’s not a divided highway so if you are driving WESTbound you can get to the EASTbound rest area by entering the WESTbound rest area and crossing over the highway, but please be careful. And don’t tell anyone I suggested this. {chuckle}. [all the usual disclaimers here]

Once at the rest area read about Flower Power. When the coast is clear go to the buildings to the far right and walk between them. The box is under the SE corner of the building that looks older than its years. Please re-hide well.

Hope you enjoyed the hunt. Since we don’t live in the area we can’t check on this box very often. We appreciate an update on it’s status.

NOTE: Please do not enter this box into any databases. Contact me directly to report on its status.